About our car hire

Toyota Coaster Bus. This vehicle is air conditioned and can carry up to 28 passengers.

We have a wide range of vehicles to choose from including luxury buses that can carry up to 28 passengers down to smaller 4 x 4's, passenger cars and even scooters for the truly adventurous.

The majority of our vehicles are available for either self-drive holidays or with one of our experienced drivers. We ensure that all the vehicles are mechanically sound and provide you with back up and support from our base of operations in Bamako.

Try a scooter

This is for the truly adventurous.

Do a tour around Mali on the back of a Scooter.

If you or a group of friends want to get off the beaten track then this could provide you with the challenge you need. We can source a bike for you, ensure it is in good condition and then provide you with an excellent itinerary taking in all the highlights plus some of the lesser known sites in Mali. These bikes retail for around 550 Euros brand new so you may consider getting your own bike for the duration of your holiday and then we can assist you in selling it after your trip has ended.

Road conditions

Road through the Sahara Desert.

Road conditions throughout West Africa are mostly good. There are of course exceptions but this adds to the fun.

If you are considering undertaking any challenging sections then previous driving in harsh conditions is essential. If you have only driven on high quality paved roads before then perhaps attempting the route to Timbuktu might be a little challenging for both you and the car.