what we offer

The Surfing Camel is at your service to provide you with everything you need for the perfect adventure in West Africa. We encourage you to contact us before you travel and let us help you create the experience that you truly want. No request is too big for us and even the simplest request will be dealt with in the manner in which all of our clients have come to both expect and deserve.

Tailor made tours: We combine with you to design the perfect adventure holiday that matches your own specific tastes. We will arrange accommodation, transport, local guides and take care of all the other logistics to make your tour in West Africa both exciting and relaxing. We do all of this to match your budget and desired tour style. (top)

Hotel Bookings: If you are planning your adventure tour then we are happy to suggest hotel's in the region that we use and trust. Give us an idea of your budget and the style of accommodation you require and we will do the rest. (top)

Itinerary Planning: You give us an idea of what you want to get out of your holiday and the highlights you want to see and we will make an itinerary that works for you. The more information you give us the better prepared we will be to make your West African adventure perfect. (top)

Our only request is don't be afraid to ask us questions. The more you ask, the easier it will be for us to ensure you get what you are paying for. We want you to treasure your time in West Africa.


The Surfing Camel is a Malian registered travel company with a base of operations in Bamako, Mali.

The management team have over twenty years experience in running tours on the African continent. We have led tours in 25 African countries but all of us agree, nothing compares to the West. We look forward to sharing this amazing place with you.

With our home grown guides you are certain to have the experience of a lifetime whilst learning about the diverse cultures of West Africa. Along the way you may even learn a little bit about yourself as well.

Travel Advice: We live and work in West Africa so we are perfectly placed to keep you up to date on all the goings on in the region. From security updates to road conditions we are always available to offer advice and assistance. (top)

Visa Assistance: Contact us for the latest Visa information prior to you travelling. Quite often it proves to be far cheaper and less demanding to procure visas for onward travel, once you have arrived. (top)

Car Hire: We have a wide range of vehicles to choose from including luxury buses that can carry up to 28 passengers down to smaller 4 x 4's, passenger cars and even scooters for the truly adventurous. Our drivers are very experienced and are experts in driving in any conditions we may come across on our journey through West Africa. (Top)

Self Drive Tours: We have a selection of 4x4's and can source scooter's for the truly adventurous. We will plan your itinerary with you and put you in touch with our support network throughout West Africa. (Top)

why choose us?

We live and work in West Africa so we are showing you a place that we truly love. We are sure that our passion for West Africa will shine through on our tours.

We seriously listen to what you want to get from your time in Africa. The more questions you ask before the tour, the better prepared we will be. We want to take you to the places you want to go and spend time doing the things you want to do. It is this sense of team work between yourselves and us that will ensure that you get the most out of your time in West Africa.

Public Transport Tours: For those people who love to rough it or who are on a budget we offer public transport tours. You travel on the local transport system under the guidance of one of our experienced guides. For those people that want to go it alone then we can help you with your itinerary and put you in contact with our network of local guides and hotels. (Top)

Experienced Guides: We only employ experienced and proven guides. Some have over twenty years experience in the Tourism Industry in West Africa. We encourage our guides to take an active role in developing our tours and they all revel in sharing their home regions with you. We also use experienced site specific local guides for that more personal touch in areas of interest. (Top)

Flights: We are here to offer you advice on the best flight options for both long haul flights that bring you onto the continent and also connecting flights throughout the region should you require them. (Top)